The data warehouse is about the needs of the business. The data warehouse should make your organization’s information easy to access and analyze. It must present this information cleanly and consistently in order to be trusted. And to ensure that it can support future needs, it must be adaptive to change. These are not technical challenges and too often take a back seat to technology. Technology will always change and bring improvements. Your data warehouse should be able to take advantage of these (and can, if done right).

Our opinion is that regardless of the technologies used to build a data warehouse, business goals are important. Your data warehouse is the basic foundation of your BI solution, and must effectively serve the business and the user community to be successful.

Our Business Intelligence experts can help your company design and implement the foundation necessary support your BI strategy and deliver the information your business users rely on for data- informed decision making.

Looking at analytics from your data warehouse is looking in the rearview mirror; important, but it provides only limited insight. Looking forward would provide a significant advantage, and this is possible through Predictive Analysis.

Predictive Analytics examines patterns found in internal and external data to identify future risks and opportunities. It allows companies to more effectively forecast revenues, inventories, and marketing campaigns, increasing their ability to act accordingly and improve their outcomes- an important advantage in today’s business environment.

It is important to clarify that Predictive Analytics is not only about predictions, or the future. Predictive Analytics also offers in-depth data mining and data analysis capabilities to identify patterns where potential issues and opportunities exist. Predictive Analytics has the potential to drive innovation in almost every area of your business.

Our Predictive Analytics Team helps companies make the most of their existing data to uncover future trends, risks and opportunities that result in bigger returns, or avoid big losses. Our unique and personalized approach generates a far higher rate of ROI.

Data Visualization is a set of software solutions that present enterprise data through a wide variety of sophisticated graphical formats. By organizing and displaying information in easy-to-read charts, maps, plots, and graphs, data visualization solutions can help business users to more rapidly identify patterns and trends, detect anomalies and uncover relationships. Data visualization is an important component of many business analytics platforms and suites.

Data Discovery is the process of collecting and consolidating information from various back-end systems and sources then manipulating and analyzing it to uncover patterns, trends, relationships, and anomalies. Data Discovery is crucial to an organization’s ability to derive true value from their enterprise information assets.

For organizations who maintain “big data” – massive volumes of raw information generated from and residing in multiple disparate sources, data discovery can enhance the way enterprise data is accessed and exploited for use in strategic planning and tactical decision making.

Data comes in all shapes in sizes. It comes in massive chunks and tiny bits. It can be neatly organized or completely raw. Data surrounds us, and it grows exponentially by the second. With so much and so many types of data, we can?t help but wondering how to manage it all. If you?ve tried to manage data on your own, you?ve undoubtedly discovered how difficult it can be to keep up. Data can be intimidating, but it doesn?t have to be. Decypher has made mastering data our business. Instead of working for your data, your data should be working for you. We can help you achieve just that.

As a partner to Databricks, we are here to help customers take a cosmic leap into the world of GenAI:

  • Fine-Tuning and Training: We can help customers fine-tune and train their own custom models using their unique data on the Databricks platform.
  • Model Deployment and Serving: We can help customers deploy their models to production. With Databricks’ scalable infrastructure we’ll make sure their models are always ready to serve.
  • Monitoring and Optimization: We can help customers monitor their models’ performance and optimize them for maximum efficiency. We’ll make sure their models are running smoother.

We can help customers share their models with colleagues, collaborate on projects, and even publish their models to the Databricks Model Hub. Additionally, we can provide customers with the knowledge and support they need to build, deploy, and manage their GenAI applications.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a wide category of computer software solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. BI applications may include a variety of components such as tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts, and dashboards. Although conventional business intelligence systems were delivered via host terminals or paper reports, the typical modern deployment of a BI application is over the web, via Internet or intranet connections. It is also possible, and becoming more popular, to develop interactive BI apps optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and for e- mail.

Our BI expertise help your organization to

  • Process requests quickly
  • intelligently
  • and efficiently
  • Respond faster and more efficiently to changing conditions affecting your organization
  • Make your greatest asset ? information ? part of your organization?s natural culture
  • Transform raw data into intuitive illustrative enterprise reports quickly and easily
  • Enhance reporting systems by incorporating transactional forms as well as data maintenance and update capabilities

Data governance is one of the important business disciplines that aims to provide greater control over the creation, handling, maintenance, storage, use, and sharing of vital business data. A critical element of any effective data quality management or information asset management strategy, data governance is more than just a software solution. It requires a combination of people, rules and procedures and supporting technologies in order to succeed.

Although data governance plans are important to organizations of all types and sizes, it becomes particularly crucial as the amount of data generated and the number of sources it originates from and resides in increases. Organizations that have “Big Data”have an even greater need to put formalized data governance programs in place, and to deploy powerful yet flexible technologies to support those strategies. With data governance, they can maintain the integrity of the massive volume of information that exists across their diverse network of systems.

At Techelligence, we staff our projects with our employees or subcontractors. Our recruiters stay on top of market conditions and source the best talent available. Our goal is to deliver top quality work for our clients and this is enabled by our internal staff augmentation services.

Solutions by Technology

  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • Qlik
  • ThoughtSpot
  • Tibco Spotfire
  • dbt
  • Matillion
  • Prophecy
  • Fivetran
  • Hightouch
  • Rivery
  • Alation
  • Anomalo
  • Monte Carlo
  • Dataiku
  • Hex
  • Labelbox
  • John Snow LABS

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