Every movement starts small. A marathon starts with one step; a flood starts with one drop of rain. Making the journey to the cloud is no different and every migration begins with one workload.

At Techelligence, we understand the journey to the cloud, and make sure that the first step and every step that follows is the right one by creating a strategic roadmap that not only outlines what to do, but when it needs to be done.

We specialize in implementing projects leveraging the Databricks ecosystem – building strategies for transitioning your traditional Data Warehouse to an Enterprise Data Lakehouse and Data Intelligence Platform, building sustainable solutions in the Databricks ecosystem leveraging ETL, Data Engineering, Data Intelligence Engine, Delta Live Tables, Unity Catalog, Databricks SQL, Workflow Orchestration, MLflow and Generative AI capabilities, suggesting improvements for current processes and tightening up security along the way.

Furthermore, our expertise in building Data Governance Models for the Enterprise Data Lakehouse using Unity Catalog seamlessly allows our clients to run secure analytics in the cloud.

We have experience with traditional co-location or on-premise systems, and have successfully designed and implemented many hybrid solutions for our clients.

We are a Registered Databricks Partner 

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