When deployed as an ESB, Anypoint Platform’s Mule runtime engine combines the power of data and application integration across legacy systems and SaaS applications.

The following challenges impact business performance:

  • Unified Connectivity: Build integrations for use cases ranging from the simple extension of legacy services with lightweight APIs to the advanced SOA re-platforming for connectivity across the enterprise
  • Lowest Friction: Anypoint Platform is designed for speed and productivity with pre-built connectors and templates out-of-the-box management and a scalable architecture for your ESB
  • Future-Proof: Anypoint Platform lets you quickly design enterprise grade integrations and run your ESB anywhere ? on-premises in the cloud or in hybrid environments at the push of a button
  • Decision makers need to spend too much time on finding relevant timely information before they can even analyze it.

Data Integration: Querying, normalizing, and transforming data is at the heart of meeting the connectivity challenge. Anypoint Platform? brings a revolutionary approach that combines batch and real-time processing for unified application and data integration.

The DataWeave data language, developed by MuleSoft, is purpose built for the modern demands of data integration. Built on the highly performant Mule runtime, Anypoint Platform drives real-time and batch processing use cases at scale, and offers a template-driven approach to development.

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