Getting your data right is the foundation for strong business processes and solid analytics. Increasing numbers of farsighted organizations are investing in the tools, capabilities and skills needed to improve data quality and enable access to complete, consistent, timely and trusted information across the data lifecycle?from creation to retirement. With SAP BW as an Enterprise Data Warehouse solution, you can impart visibility into your business by central view across the Enterprise as one version of the truth.

The following challenges impact business performance:
  • Disparate Databases for transactional and analytical data storage and reporting
  • Data relevant for decision-making are spread in different systems across the IT landscape. Analyses are time consuming and not always consistent
  • Lack of availability of data in the desired granularity
  • Decision makers need to spend too much time on finding relevant timely information before they can even analyze it.
Services include, but not limited to, the following:
  • SAP BW Implementation Services on both HANA/non-HANA
  • SAP BW Upgrade Services
  • BW Database Migration to SAP HANA
  • SAP BW Testing and Support Services

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